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Huntington Beach is a wonderful place to live with so many communities to buy a single family residence in the mid $400,000 range. This is probably one of the best kept secrets if you want to purchase a home by the beach in Orange County, California.  Orange County is home to some of the most expensive real estate markets in the world which include Newport beach, Laguna Beach and Newport Coast. These communities are known to have single family homes starting well above the $600,000 range for a small 2 bedroom residential home.

Huntington Beach Short Sales | Huntington Beach Real Estate

This is what makes Huntington Beach so attractive and desirable with affordable beach housing. So, what can you expect to find in the 400,000 range? Huntington Beach is well known for it's single level ranch homes that feature

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The Huntington Beach real estate market is unique to it's own.  Unlike other beach towns up and down the coast finding an ocean view home under $1 million is more difficult than you think.  Currently, there are just three ocean view homes for sale under this price point with 2 of the 3 noted as pending sales.  One of the reasons for this shortage of ocean view properties is two fold.

Ocean View Homes For Sale | Huntington Beach, CA

First, Huntington Beach is a very flat terrain and does not have the hills and valleys that other beach towns get to enjoy.  Because of this unusual topography you will only find a small handful of properties that will boast views of the ocean.  Typically these homes are located near the water and have price points well above the $1 million dollar market due to it's prime…

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As the real estate market starts to improve in Huntington Beach, California, more and more home buyers are making the decision to buy.  For those home buyers who live out of state, finding good communities to buy a home can be difficult to navigate.  Photos of homes can be deceiving, especially if you are not familiar with the neighborhoods here in Huntington Beach.  We always recommend that you work backwards when looking for a good community.  First, meet with a lender and find out how much you qualify for and the maximum price of a home you can afford.  Let's say you are a first time home buyer and can only afford up the $500,000.  Huntington Beach homes up to $500,000 tend to sell very quickly and can be found in many different areas throughout the

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Huntington Beach has a unique topography as you will find large sandy beaches, waterfront homes and condos and homes located near the natural Bolsa Chica Wetlands area.  What exactly are the wetlands?  The Bolsa Chica Wetlands is a large area of wetlands in the Bolsa Chica ecological reserve area.  This area is protected by the city and state as a natural wetlands as it has been this way throughout the years.  The wetlands cover a huge area in the northwest area with home surrounding the wetlands offering great panoramic views.  If you are looking for a home near the wetlands we recommend the Bolsa Landmark community homes.  These homes sit right on the edge of the wetlands and offer direct views of the ocean, sunset and Catalina island views.  Home