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If you are in the market to buy a luxury home in Huntington Beach we recommend looking in the following areas.  First, the luxury market in Huntington Beach is defined as homes over the $2 million dollar price point.  Currently, there are 27 properties over this price point with the highest priced listing at $4,395,000 located in the Humbolt Island.

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Humbolt area is located in the Huntington Harbour area where you will find the large majority of these homes priced over $2 million.  The various communities include Humbolt Island, Trinidad Island, Gilbert Island, Davenport Island, Coral Cay, Admiralty Island, Brightwater and the Downtown Area.  All of these neighborhoods can be found in the Huntington Harbor area except for the community of Brightwater

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Creative financing is nothing new when it comes to real estate. Owners throughout the years have been creative in helping buyers purchase their homes.  One of the more common ways to buy a home beyond the traditional mortgage is the "Seller Carry Back."  The seller carry back is a method used by owners of properties that have a large amount of equity in the home.  Often times, these sellers own the property free and clear and have the flexibility to finance the purchase without the buyer having to go through traditional financing.  This benefits both parties and helps them complete the real estate transaction.  First, the owner is able to sell his home.  A lot of times "hard to sell" and/or unique properties take a lot of time and patience to sell in a

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Huntington Beach home buyers looking for the best return on their money when thinking about investing in real estate often turn to homes that need TLC.  These fixer upper homes can range from minor cosmetic work to major renovation.  Since a lot of home buyers prefer a completely renovated home the number of buyers open to fixer upper homes is quite low.  This allows buyers who don't mind fixing up homes the extra negotiating leverage when looking at these types of homes.  Currently you will find 17 fixer upper homes ranging from $239,000 to  $755,000 with a majority of the single family homes in the $400,000 range.  If you are looking for a home in this price range then fixer upper homes are worth a look.  Homes under $500,000 in Huntington Beach do

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Finding a one story home in Huntington Beach can start to get difficult as you approach the $700,000 range.  Many of the luxury homes in this price range tend to be two story homes in Huntington Beach, California.  There are several key locations to help you with your search.  One of the most populated areas to find single level houses under $700,000 is the South Huntington Beach area.  Here you will find a large selection of these homes in this price.  If you are looking for specific neighborhoods you may want to try the "Downtown area," "Goldenwest Park," "Mainland" and "Dutch Haven Country Club" communities.  The downtown area has the highest concentration on single level houses and expect to find three to four bedroom homes in the low $600,000 range.