August 2015

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Buying a home at an auction can be a great alternative to the traditional route, especially for those looking for a bargain deal.  Similar to auction houses that sell antiques, the process includes bidding against other buyers who may be interested in the subject property.  The key thing to remember is to have your financing in place before the day of bidding.  Most buyers are all cash so if you plan to get a loan make sure you have talked with the auction company's preferred lender to make sure you are pre-qualified up to a price range you are comfortable in bidding up to.  It's also important to remember that some properties may have a minimum that they will not sell below.  The auction house may start it at a lower number to get the number of

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One of the best places to find townhouses in the Huntington Beach area is the Huntington Continental community.  Back in the early 1960's, these two story townhouses were built in a European style where the buildings were attached to each other.  Similar to a condo building except each townhouse offers it's own unique architectural style and distinct color palate which is commonly found in European cities like Italy and Spain.  The interiors offer open floor plans that coming living room and dining spaces with a galley style kitchen and outdoor patio area.  Many have upgraded the original 1960's finishes to include granite counters and modern appliances in the kitchen with recessed lighting and newer cabinetry.  The staircase is located adjacent to the