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If you are familiar with the Huntington Beach area then you know about the Seacliff gated community. Sea Cliff on the greens is one of the premier neighborhoods with wonderful patio homes that offer wonderful golf course and ocean views. Home prices will typically range from $825,000 to $919,000 with prices based on views and locations.

Huntington Beach Seacliff Homes | Huntington Beach Real Estate

These master patio homes have seen a decrease in supply this year with a pint up demand for new listings to come on the market. In 2012, there have been 2 sales in the Seacliff on the Greens Master patio homes. If you are still apprehensive about buying a home right now you may want to consider renting a home in this neighborhood. Rental prices in Seacliff will range around $3,600 a month. For more information on golf

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Within every city and community you will find hard to sell properties. These homes typically have some unique feature which causes it to be difficult to sell. Some of these factors may include located near a freeway, homes with some kind of functional obsolescence and those that require major renovation. When looking for a realtor to handle these kind of properties it's important to understand how these homes get sold. One of they ways to sell a home in today's market is exposure. If the home is not exposed to the right buyer then your property will never sell. Magazine and newspaper advertising only results in a very small percentage of homes sales today. Roughly 45% of all homes are sold by another real estate agent then the agent you hire. What this

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If you have ever strolled down Pacific Coast Highway near the Pier in Huntington Beach you can't help notice the many three story homes that are located in the downtown area.  These tri-level homes are some of the most sought after real estate in Huntington Beach due to their large size and curb appeal.  Many of the waterfront communities in Huntington Beach also have three story homes and condos on the harbour and typically average over 2,500 square feet.  

Huntington Beach Three Story Homes | Huntington Beach, Ca

Of course, it's all about location in Huntington Beach so expect prices to be higher if you are looking for a waterfront or beachfront home.  One of the newer communities like the Villas at Pacific Shores in South Huntington Beach also offer tri-level homes.  These homes have just been completed

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Finding a Huntington Beach condo or home is all about location.  Since the city of Huntington Beach is a very large city and spread out upon many square miles finding a property by the beach at an affordable price can be tricky.  If you have never heard of Bayshore Condos then they are definitely worth a look.  Huntington Bayshore is a private gated community where you can find many condos for sale for under $400,000.

Huntington Beach Real Estate | Huntington Beach, CA

From this location you are just a couple blocks to the beach in the West part of Huntington Beach.  The condos listed for sale are 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with just over 1,000 square feet.  At first glance you may think these may be too small but the floor plans are well thought out and every square inch is utilized very well.  2