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We showcase all the Huntington Beach Inclusionary Homes For Sale.  This Affordable Housing Program is a city wide program aimed at helping middle to lower income residents.

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When I first move to the Orange County and was looking at homes the word that a lot of real estate agents would use was that the home was "turnkey."  At first I had no idea what they were talking about since it seems to be real estate lingo but quickly understood what they were talking about.  Basically, the phrase means to turn the key and enter the home without having to do any repairs, etc.  This phrase is used so much that it's the one keyword to look for if you are in the market to find a home that doesn't need any work done to it.  Huntington Beach has several homes currently on the market that are in this condition with a wide range of prices from smaller residential condos to single family homes.

Buyers in this current real estate market are

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One of the common requests we get from our clients is finding a home that comes with inside laundry.  Of course, for larger homes this a pretty much a common thing to have as many luxury homes even come with their own individual laundry room.  For smaller homes and condos this is a common question as laundry areas can be located in the garage and for residential condos you may find the laundry in the community laundry facility.  In fact, one of the first questions we get from condo buyers is regarding the laundry and having inside laundry is a huge selling feature.  You will sometimes see in condo listings that a unit comes with laundry hookups which often equates to having inside laundry as well.

Probably, the most asked question for those looking to

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The Cape Ann Huntington Beach community is a great place to live with stunning Cape Cod style architecture and beautiful community grounds with private association pool and clubhouse area as pictured below.  One of the added benefits of living here is the Huntington Beach Affordable Housing Program which helps low income residents afford housing in certain designated neighborhoods.  One of the communities that has been chosen in the Cape Ann neighborhood.

The Affordable housing program is very specific and must meet certain guidelines in order to qualify to purchase.  Online application forms are easy to find as long as you meet the income requirements.  The income is calculated based on how many people live at your residence.  If you have a child or a

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The Promenade at Seagate is a wonderful small gated community located in the West Huntington Beach area.  This is one of the neighborhoods that is included in the Huntington Beach affordable housing program.  The program is based on the income and the number of people who are living in the home.  For example, a single person living in the home could not make more than $73,250.00 to qualify for this program.  Likewise, a party of three would have a limit at $94,200.00 and a household of 5 people would have a maximum salary intake of $113,080.00.  There are also other qualifying factors so we encourage you to contact us for the exact qualifications.  

The Seagate neighborhood is ideally located near local parks and shopping and has a small homeowners

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The Promenade gated community is located near the Seagate area in Huntington Beach, California.  This is a small gated neighborhood filled with residential condos that offer two to three bedroom floor plans just north of the Huntington Beach Pier.  The floor plans offer living on multiple floors with entertainment spaces located on the main level and kitchen and bedrooms located on the second level.  Select models will offer a third story as well which is often used as a home office of fitness area.  The homes often come with a one or two car attached garage and an assigned parking space.

The great part about these town homes is that they often qualify for the Huntington Beach Affordable Housing Program which helps lower income prospects buy homes at a

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An interesting term that you may have heard of in the real estate community called "Broker Preview."  Broker Preview is basically a day designated for real estate brokers and agents to view new listings as they come on the market in the Huntington Beach area.  Not all new listings will be held open for the broker preview as it is completely on a voluntary basis from the listing agent on the property.  Basically, it's an open house for real estate agents.  The theory is that Realtors who have seen a large majority of the listings on the market can quickly identify the correct property when a buyer gives them an exact criteria on the type of home that they are interested in finding.

Even though the Broker Previews are designated for real estate agents

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Everyone wants to find a good deal when buying a home in Huntington Beach. With the shortage of homes up for sale it has become a seller's market and buyers have less room to negotiate for the best deal. There are still good deals to be found and you just have to know where to look. Here is a quick guide to where you can find them.

Huntington Beach Real Estate | Huntington Beach, CA

1) Huntington Beach Inclusionary Program - We love these homes since they help low income buyers who need financial assistance in buying a home. Since most applicants can qualify for these homes the buying and negotiating buyers is really good. The first step is to see if you qualify for the program. You can visit the official website by just entering into any search engine the phrase "Huntington Beach Inclusionary

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There is a lot of speculation on what the real estate market will do in 2013.  With the upcoming Presidential elections coming up next month many buyers are sitting on the fence and waiting to see the outcome before making any buying decisions.  This is typically during an election year as many home buyers are skeptical in making the wrong move.  There have been many reports that indicate 2013 will be a strong year for real estate and prices will slowly continue to go up. 

Huntington Beach Real Estate | Huntington Beach, CA

We have already started to see this happen here in Huntington Beach as well priced properties are receiving multiple offers.  The banks are also gearing up to flush out any distressed properties that may have in their portfolio and focus on helping these owners short sell their

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The city of Huntington Beach has a wonderful affordable Inclusionary Housing program aimed at helping middle to low income residents purchase a home in the Huntington Beach community.  This is a city wide program with designated communities that participate in this program.  Not applicants will be approved so it's important to check with city of Huntington Beach website for the complete list of guidelines and criteria.  One of the neat features of the program is the calculations are based on the affordability rather than current market values.  One of the basic requirements is the total household income must not exceed certain limits in order to qualify.  The city is very strict in looking at all candidates application and approves home buyers who truly