Huntington Beach Ocean View Homes For Sale Under $1 Million

Posted by Sam Smith Team on Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 7:03am.

The Huntington Beach real estate market is unique to it's own.  Unlike other beach towns up and down the coast finding an ocean view home under $1 million is more difficult than you think.  Currently, there are just three ocean view homes for sale under this price point with 2 of the 3 noted as pending sales.  One of the reasons for this shortage of ocean view properties is two fold.

Ocean View Homes For Sale | Huntington Beach, CA

First, Huntington Beach is a very flat terrain and does not have the hills and valleys that other beach towns get to enjoy.  Because of this unusual topography you will only find a small handful of properties that will boast views of the ocean.  Typically these homes are located near the water and have price points well above the $1 million dollar market due to it's prime location.  The 3 properties that we did find under a million are located in the downtown area of Huntington Beach which is the heart of Huntington Beach and located near the Pier.  The second reason is due to the overall shortage of housing inventory.  The shadow inventory of foreclosure properties has never hit the market and most sellers are electing not to sell in this current real estate market.  What is left is the vast majority of home owners who are looking to short sale their properties due to financial hardship.  These short sale listings are typically priced very aggressively to generate a quick offer which causes the remaining inventory of homes on the market to be tied with contracts.  If you are looking for an ocean view home in this price range be active and quick to make an offer.

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