The Best Real Estate Deals In Huntington Beach, CA

Posted by Sam Smith Team on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 10:08pm.

Everyone wants to find a good deal when buying a home in Huntington Beach. With the shortage of homes up for sale it has become a seller's market and buyers have less room to negotiate for the best deal. There are still good deals to be found and you just have to know where to look. Here is a quick guide to where you can find them.

Huntington Beach Real Estate | Huntington Beach, CA

1) Huntington Beach Inclusionary Program - We love these homes since they help low income buyers who need financial assistance in buying a home. Since most applicants can qualify for these homes the buying and negotiating buyers is really good. The first step is to see if you qualify for the program. You can visit the official website by just entering into any search engine the phrase "Huntington Beach Inclusionary Program" to find the official government website. Then fill out the application to see if you qualify. Our website showcases all the homes that are in this program. This is a great deal for qualified buyers who can buy homes at a very low price.

2) Huntington Beach Short Sales and Bank Owned Homes. With nearly half the transactions now resulting in short sales and bank owned properties many buyers are specifically seeking out these distressed listings. The key thing to remember is that all prices are negotiable but short sales are typically priced 3 to 5% below market value so the great price is probably already built in. Real Estate is all about supply and demand and right now there is a huge demand for short sale properties that are well priced. Short Sale agents can only pick one agent so savvy real estate agents are using special incentives to help their buyer's offer float to the top. From our experience, most aggressively priced short sale offers experience 3-5 offers after coming on the market for just one to two week. It doesn't cost you any money to make an offer so be aggressive in making offers on properties that you like. It's defiantly a numbers game and the stronger you can make your offer the better.

3) New Construction Communities. Huntington Beach has several brand new communities where the sales agents are more than eager to make a deal with you. The New Construction housing market is making a rebound but at the same time they are very eager to make a deal if you are ready to buy. If you want to use the aid of an outside real estate agent make sure you connect with an agent before you go to the community. If you go to the community direct and sign in to their registration then you no longer can use on outside agent. The key to having your own Realtor is to help you negotiate the best deal. These communities are eager to negotiate so make sure you have someone looking out for you best interest.

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