Huntington Beach One Story Houses For Sale Under $700,000

Posted by Sam Smith Team on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 7:15pm.

Finding a one story home in Huntington Beach can start to get difficult as you approach the $700,000 range.  Many of the luxury homes in this price range tend to be two story homes in Huntington Beach, California.  There are several key locations to help you with your search.  One of the most populated areas to find single level houses under $700,000 is the South Huntington Beach area.  Here you will find a large selection of these homes in this price.  If you are looking for specific neighborhoods you may want to try the "Downtown area," "Goldenwest Park," "Mainland" and "Dutch Haven Country Club" communities.  The downtown area has the highest concentration on single level houses and expect to find three to four bedroom homes in the low $600,000 range.  The key to this area is the close proximity to the beach.  The homes are typically built in the craftsmand and arts and crafts style with lots of curb appeal so we highly recommend this area.  Just look in the "West Huntington Beach" area for these homes.  If you are in the Northwest Huntington Beach area make sure to visit the "Mainland" area.  Similar to the downtown area you will find three to four bedroom homes in the mid $500,000 range.  Another community in the Northwest area is the "Goldenwest Park neighborhood.  These homes can be found just under the $600,000 range and range from three to four bedrooms.  Finally, the Dutch Haven area is our favorite places for single level houses in Huntington Beach.  The area has great curb appeal homes with price ranges typically in the $600,000 for hard to find single level homes.  Of course, we highly recommend working with a skilled Huntington Beach Realtor to find the perfect single level home.

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